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A holistic approach to knowledge and action.

Communication & Dissemination

Utilizing our diverse range of skills

  • Networking Events: Hosting conferences, workshops, and seminars to bring together stakeholders from healthcare, agriculture, policy, and academia to exchange knowledge and foster collaboration.

  • Awareness Campaigns: Developing educational and awareness campaigns for various stakeholders.

  • Communication Channels: Establishing strong communication channels, including active websites, social media platforms, newsletters, and press releases.

We bring our knowledge into action via:​

  • Field Trials & Demonstrations: Conducting field trials to test nutrient density.

  •  Partnership Projects: Collaborating with other organizations to implement joint initiatives aimed at transitioning the food system and providing healthcare-preventative advice.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation: Implementing mechanisms to monitor the impact of interventions, collect feedback, and evaluate the effectiveness of programs.

Implementation projects & Consultancy

Education & Course design

We aim to raise awareness and educate the food & health system's players via:​

  • Educational Materials: Developing training modules, curricula, and resources for healthcare professionals, farmers, and change-makers to increase awareness and understanding of regenerative healthcare principles.

  • Training Programs: Designing and implementing training programs for students and professionals in healthcare and agriculture to integrate regenerative healthcare principles into their practices.

Leveraging our multidisciplinary expertise and network to develop:​

  • Publications: on the soil-human health nexus, highlighting the impact of regenerative healthcare practices on soil health and human well-being. 

  • Database collection and open source library:  Continuous update on nutrient density studies.

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