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Organic foods contribution to nutritional quality and value

Authors: Popa, M.E., Mitelut, A.C., Popa, E.E., Stan, A. and Popa, V.I. (2018)


Consumers' concern regarding possible negative health effects of food products produced with intensive farming methods has led to a great interest in the health benefits of organically-produced fruits, vegetables and animal products. Given the significant increase in consumer interest toward this area, there is a need to determine to what extent there is a scientific basis for claims made for organic products. In this sense, studies comparing organic food products and conventional ones were assessed for the key area, nutritional quality. While the assessed articles have shown differences among organic and conventional foods in favour of organic ones, still the information is limited and more research needs to be done in order to draw unwavering conclusions that organic food products are superior compared to conventional ones.


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