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Nutrient density and food quality in the context of regenerative agriculture

Updated: Apr 30

Authors: (Gwen Grelet & Sam Lang, 2021)


This report is one of a series of topic reports written as part of a ‘think piece’ project on Regenerative Agriculture (RA) in Aotearoa New Zealand (NZ). This think piece aims to provide a framework that can be used to develop a scientific evidence base and research questions specific to RA. It is the result of a large collaborative effort across the New Zealand agri-food system over the course of 6 months in 2020 that included representatives of the research community, farming industry bodies, farmers and RA practitioners, consultants, governmental organisations, and the social/environmental entrepreneurial sector. The think piece outputs included this series of topic reports and a white paper providing a high-level summary of the context and main outcomes from each topic report. All topic reports have been peer-reviewed by at least one named topic expert and the relevant research portfolio leader within MWLR.


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