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Does regenerative agriculture produce healthier food?

Authors: (EIT Food, 2023)


The ‘Green Revolution’ of the mid-20th century marked a paradigmatic shift where traditional farming practices were replaced by high-input agriculture aimed at boosting productivity. Synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, commercial seeds and genetically modified crops have become the status quo of farming.

Coinciding with the rise of these new farming methods has been a decline in the nutritional value of our food. Studies suggest that from 1950-2002 food nutrient density has fallen by up to 38%.

We’re not only consuming fewer nutrients than our grandparents. We’re also facing a rapid rise in public health crises attributable to the food we eat. From cardiovascular disease linked to ultra-processed foods, a spike in cancer cases attributable to synthetic inputs, and people simultaneously experiencing obesity while being malnourished, it’s irrefutable that something needs to change.


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