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Connecting soil health to human health.

Why Regenerative Healthcare ?

​In the EU:

  • 60-70% of soils are degraded 

  • Non-communicable diseases cause up to 90% of deaths

  • Up to 40% loss of nutrient density in food produced globally

  • Chronic diseases account for 70% to 80% of all healthcare costs

  • Medical students receive an average of 23h of nutrition classes

Human health & soil health are fundamentally linked, yet they are addressed separately.

Vegetable Garden

Regenerative Healthcare

A system where agriculture and healthcare work together to improve human and environmental health.

(Rodale Institute, 2022)

RHEA is a non-profit organisation working to accelerate the regenerative healthcare transition in Europe.

How do we do it ?

To attain impact, we prioritize four main pillars of workstreams.

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Educational Resources

We provide open-source multimedia educational materials to disseminate knowledge and promote education in the field of regenerative healthcare.

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We can collaborate on projects together, which can be accomplished through two primary channels:

  1. Partnerships intended for accessing EU funds.

  2. Private funding for specific initiatives.


Our Network

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